things I have faved, #8

Artists-in-residence-in-offices: Jenny Odell in the San Francisco planning department, Pilvi Takala in the marketing department in Deloitte.

An article on standing bars in Osaka and a moving liquor cart in Tokyo.

I think it’s safe to say fame has changed Heston Blumenthal.

Noma Guide to Fermentation is out.

A writeup of the digitisation and restoration of Victorian Mutoscope and Biograph films that I saw at the BFI IMAX as part of London Film Festival. Much like the war films restored for They Shall Not Grow Old (available on iplayer for a limited time), if not recoloured, one of the amazing things is restoring the films to natural timing. The Biograph films should be available next year in the BFI archive (as part of their Victoriana season), but don’t know if Peter Jackson will be releasing his restored films seperately (some are here).

The similarly named Bioscope was the trade magazine of the cinema industry during the silent film era. Some were digitized in the Internet Archive, but more are now available in the British Newspaper Archive. Some great adverts. Worth a flick through some issues.

Ravilious’ firework pictures

I still randomly hum the theme tune from The Cravings, the Korean 30something food drama sponsored by a sauce manufacturer.

Loads of good shows on at the Soho Theatre this week/soon – Felicity Ward, Jessie Cave, Natalie Palamides, Tony Law.

This is a good article by Fuchsia Dunlop on Chinese hotpot, if you can wiggle past the FT paywall.