things I have faved, #7

What the pupils of the Government School of Design were taught in the 1840s. The School was based in Somerset House, a second school in Spitalfields, and regional schools in Nottingham, Coventry, Sheffield, Birmingham and Newcastle. “No persons studying to be artists, as distinguished from ornamentists, will be admitted to the School of Design.”

Investigative reporting by, of all people, Property Week, about WeWork. Massively financially overexposed, but backed by Softbank and Saudi sovereign wealth – potentially taking $10 or $20 billion more investment. Meanwhile the free beer is coming to an end. And soon – WeLive, WeGym, WeLearn, WeGrow, WeBuild.

I will go on about Aggretsuko until everyone has watched Aggretsuko – a 20something red panda office worker who releases her tension through death metal karaoke. And it’s designed by Sanrio, so there’s merch. What other series are like this and Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman?

Too Many Cooks deserves a rewatch. And then read the extraordinary lengths it took to make.

Sad to miss this exhibition of old cities created with Ubisoft in Paris

Westminster Council is consulting on their Oxford Street plans

Different views of regional France

Unicode just won’t include the transgender flag, by first making the Unicode Consortium agree on how to extend emoji to all potential flags. Pirate flags are ok though.

Some good comedy things on this week – Bridget Christie’s last week at the Leicester Square Theatre, and Jordan Brookes at Soho Theatre.

Best cheese that I’ve faved recently is Cote Hill Lindum, now stocked by Waitrose.