things I have faved, #6

The recent trip to Sheffield included the Liquid Crystal Display exhibition at the renewed Site. My favourites by a long way were by Suzanne Treister, particularly the Survivor (F) diagrams. She’s also got work in James’ show Agency at Nome, alongside some ominous iPhone orbs by Ingrid Burrington.

Westminster Council announced their proposals for Oxford Street, after blocking the Mayor, Sadiq Khan,’s bid to pedestrianise (the actual proposal is hidden in a hard to find 150Mb PDF that is hard to download). It seems to boil down to – less cars, a lot less buses, wider pavements, a few water fountains and 2 windswept squares made a little nicer. So more of the same, with the emphasis still on the Western end and Oxford Circus, and still with a road running down it.

M&S are pushing traceability a lot recently, including this map of all their factories and suppliers. A bold move for a company reliant on own label goods: traditionally suppliers don’t want their association to be known (as their branded goods normally sell for more).

Jerry Saltz on the sale of an “AI” artwork. There’s a growing body of art that’s made with code directly lifted from other technologists or artists (often with comments on github asking how to get it running or feature requests). Weak sauce.

The New York Times Magazine had a candy issue, including articles on salmiakki, Japanese KitKats and more. The web design is… interesting and pretty breaky.

Walking round Paris on foot. London has 2 walking rings, the inner Capital Ring and the outer London Loop. Both pretty fine but will occasionally throw you into industrial estates, housing schemes and along major roads.

A history of the caffè corretto, including the fact that Starbucks are being sued in Italy for trying to charge €1.80 for an espresso.

I can’t say that the Economist redesign is as bold as the designer’s think it is (I haven’t seen a paper copy though).

Peppa pig porcelain

Big game fishing in the UK, and the Tunny Club

Why Does Japan Make It So Hard for Working Women to Succeed?

Phew. Hopefully less hate-faving next week.