things I have faved, #5

BBC Wales has a good series of standup comedy, featuring a lot of less well known comedians, often doing their first TV. Sad that all the sets are so short. The BBC flagship standup show, Live At The Apollo, was going in a good direction last series, with fresher line ups, but seems to have reverted back to big names.

It’s good to hear that Cat Cairn, one of the few Turrell skyspaces in the UK, is back working again, lighting up at dusk.

Mikkeller opened their first bar in London at the weekend. It’s a nice space, but tiny, and the prices are, well, Scandinavian. M&S are stocking their core beer range at £2.50 a can – the IPA is good.

The MERL (Museum of English Rural Life) has some sculptural interventions and a Ladybird exhibition that seem like a good excuse to go and visit the absolute units and the trouser-wearing chickens.

I went to Sheffield on Saturday – more on that later, probably – diamond geezer did too recently, and went to an almost entirely different set of places.

I don’t think I agree with Rushkoff’s takedown of UBI – it smells of not giving money to those most in need in case it trickles up.

The Noma Guide to Fermentation is out and it seems pretty practical and comprehensive.

How female architects have been written out of history