things I have faved, #2

I went to the Ceremony of the Keys a few weeks ago. It’s short but pretty interesting, although you have to book over a year in advance at the moment. Better in the summer, I guess, when it’s lighter and less cold – it has happened every night, in some form, since the 13th or 14th century but has standardised on 10pm since 1826.

It’s “Netflix attempts to stop you from doing anything apart from watching TV” season. The new series of Bojack Horseman feels better than the last (the stand up episode “Free Churro” in particular is great) but the last few episodes always feel rushed to try and resolve the series. Looking forward to Maniac and the slow drip of the new series of The Good Place.

The Mighty Redcar is a stylised documentary that’s unusual because it features a Northern town and the working class almost unjudgementally.

It’s also “all the art money is in London for Frieze” season, so the big hitter shows of all the galleries are starting to open. Elmgreen and Dragset at the Whitechapel feels like a wasted opportunity. Space Shifters at the Hayward is mainly very slight – much of the work falls down the moment there’s a slight scratch or inevitable fingerprint, and the outdoor sculpture courts are woefully underused – but it’s great to see 20:50 back in London. The Health & Safety is overdone, but with reason, it’s the most unsettling feeling in there. Just don’t grab the sides.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to get to Paris this autumn (unless there’s an [e word]), but the Tomas Saraceno takeover of the Palais de Tokyo and the Tadao Ando exhibition at the Pompidou sound great.

Love this post by Lyft on colour, accessibility and naming.

That’s enough of last week. To the future!