things I have faved, #16

More of a list of links than usual. I’m off on holiday. ☀️

The Center for Land Use Interpretation is always great (and in LA is next to maybe the best museum in the world, the Museum of Jurassic Technology) – and they publish a quarterly newsletter. Here’s Winter 2019 – helium, fertiliser production, bombing ranges and targets…

Observer Food Monthly’s top 50 food things right now – obviously PRed and zeitgeisty, but always an interesting list.

I’m currently a bit obsessed with Danny Bowien – he’s featured in the 6th series of Mind Of A Chef, that I was completely oblivious too because it’s on Facebook Watch. I’ve used a lot of TV platforms in my time, and FB Watch is easily the suckiest. I don’t think anyone who made it watches TV or uses Facebook. Maybe find other ways to get it… it’s worth it for the lamb noodle soup in episode 2.

Eater have stepped up to the plate with a great set of articles about eating in Taipei. Some bloggers are where I’ve been to find good recommendations before.

There’s a lazy/cheap music format on BBC4 of two celebrities picking music videos on a theme, which has mainly been a bit shrug, but this episode on vocal greats is magic.

Nice piece on the refreshed MK Gallery in Milton Keynes

Dick Bruna’s book covers