that was a fortnight, 9 February 2020

Didn’t post last week as I’ve been the CEO of colds for the last fortnight. A particularly long running but pretty low impact cold – hard to justify not being in work (apart from the first few days when I couldn’t think straight), even though I’m pretty hard line on ill people staying away. Anyway it’s left me feeling run down and not in the mood for adventures.

Did go to Margate for a run around the shell grotto and some of Felix’s cocktails. It was particularly windswept and all the men had mustard yellow beanies.

Went to see Leopoldstadt, currently on an extended pre-press night run. It just made me realise how few traditional plays I see and everyone just seemed to be talking at each other in staccato sentences. You’re obviously going to get emotional impact with the subject matter, but there were few other redeeming features.

If you’re not in the Snapchat/Instagram story/TikTok media bubble, you won’t be aware of “things on foreheads” as a new UI/interaction design. I think the best I’ve seen is ‘which Bosch character are you’.

Tiktok remains the best place to find out what life in Wuhan is actually like at the moment (I suspect Douyin may be better, but I haven’t got round to jumping the hoops to install it). This epic post about how to cook in a pandemic is great too.

I don’t like tension in things that I watch, so I’ve avoided Uncut Gems so far, preferring Vera and Inspector Montelbano. Terrible things have happened but there’s absolutely no tension whilst they’re investigated – at best it’s a historical murder with a recent incident just to add some degree of spiciness. My only complaint is recently a lot of the murderers aren’t even mentioned or seen for the first hour, or even until the last 15 minutes.

Some more of Clive James’ postcards, that often feel a bit forced in the premise (every episode is weirdly car-centric), vs the equally contrived but very barbed Frankie Boyle’s Scotland travelogue.

Onion platzels from Beigel Bake (the right one, not the wrong one)

The online version of iCloud Notes is now really good (just in time as work have turned off our Apple logins)

Via TikTok I learnt that teenagers are still speaking to complete strangers, via omegle. Terrifying. As a committed introvert that only uses video chat with people I know under extreme force, I can’t imagine why you’d want to do this. Anyway, you go you.