that was a fortnight, 29 March 2020

I mean… wasn’t it?

I suspect I’m better set up for this than most, being a committed introvert. But ask me again in 12 weeks.

All I can talk about is some of the good stuff I’ve seen or heard recently – notably Feel Good on Channel 4 (Netflix outside the UK). I’ve always loved Mae Martin’s comedy, and whilst this gets pretty heavy, it’s so well written. And funny! A proper delight.

You might not think what you need right now is Davina MacCall reviewing croissants and talking about expensive pencils, but honestly, it’s the most soothing thing.

I wish I could be as obsessed and specialist as the snowdrop bloke on Gardener’s World (4:30 in).

Clive James’ Postcard from Shanghai is probably the one for which the world has changed most since the 90s. These postcards have dated in ways, but it’s interesting to see a mainly voiceover monologue on TV. Rare these days.

a cute ferret

slomo kitten

Mainly I’ve been immersed in the new Animal Crossing for the last week. I’ve played several of the previous incarnations, but they’ve never gripped me like they have other people. The new one is… gorgeous. And there’s a slight switch in emphasis from paying off your house mortgage (though you can still do that and expand and decorate) to populating the museum with all the fish, bugs and fossils you find. Whoever designed the museum had a lot of fun, and the animals look amazing.