that was a fortnight, 10 May 2020

I saw 30 or so Starlink satellites go past. Satellites, space stations, meteors are all pretty awe-inspiring. This was just eerie. Perfectly spaced satellites, constantly moving overhead for 10 minutes. Taken something magic and industrialised it, making it mundane/creepy.

I knew that plantboys was a thing (several insta accounts, there’s even a book), but I didn’t encounter plantbears until this week. There’s one on This Morning.

Been enjoying Grayson Perry’s Art Club (even if it is a bit Channel 4). Contrast that with The Price Of Everything. It’s amazing – the main white rich guy collector gets a fake made when he puts something into a museum. And sees no irony with that. The only people who come out of it well are some of the artists, frantically trying to get work into museums rather than disappearing into private collections.

We really are in the upsidedown for copyright, streaming, media and insider knowledge at the moment. Ikea have even published their meatball recipe.

I saw Tom Walker’s Very Very at the Edinburgh fringe last year, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen. It’s rude, crude, silly, intelligent and funny. You’ll be snort laughing. It’s now on Amazon Prime. See also Sam Campbell’s The Trough.

Channel 5 are excelling at (slightly overly long / cheap) travel shows. I really enjoyed Michael Palin in North Korea. It’s one of those places I really wanted to go when I was younger, just for the novelty, but now Michael Palin’s been, I don’t have to go. It covers a lot more of North Korea than I’ve ever seen before, even if still completely mediated by his handlers. It gets a bit communist Wes Anderson in places. [I can’t find a link because the My5 site is baffling… maybe on catchup still?]

The BBC understand video conferencing better than Ghibli (backgrounds, not people)

Lovely collection of Northern shop fronts, which reminded me of Dan Lockton‘s excellent curation of old UK petrol stations and brands. I remember a lot of these: UK, National, Q8…

CLUI exhibition of the US’ Minor Outlying Islands

Bought some more masks from Studio Masachuka in Stratford and they are lovely.

Got distracted by a fake Naomi Campbell house, when the reality is weirder.

Korean foot peels are all the fun of peeling surprising amounts of skin off with no need for sunburn (everyone likes doing this, don’t they?)

I’ve now worked at GDS for 8 years. Ups and downs, naturally. Still lots of good people doing important work. More people and more important work than ever, really.