that was a fortnight, 1 March 2020

Literally nothing to say last week. I suspect a combination of minor base level of illness fighting from all the colds and flus floating around, plus the weather. A storm every weekend is mean.

I’m never seen straight white men in more conniptions than when presented with a dress code of “fancy, not formal”.

A good week for online archives, with a load of photos from Thames Water being digitised – a lot of pumping machinery and closeups of things in the water. Also Smithsonian released 2.8 million images into the public domain. It’s very rich in descriptions and metadata but when you get down to an object page, there’s little you can explore sideways from the object. There’s 3d models, too, which probably need some playing with.

It’s food from here on out, sorry.

I am gradually being drawn into the Bon Appétit cinematic universe. It’s interesting to see what works on video – any recipe with a technique needs video, the comparative restaurant reviews could do with a step back and more comparisons drawn after the event (which written journalism can do so well).

The online written side of Bon Appétit is nailing it too. This large exploration of all things taco is great.

I want to become the Chief Egg Officer. Or at least the Chief Omelette Officer, Omurice Division. I’ve never been good at them. Pépin is the boss (watch for the distain of the US / “country” omelette vs the second classical one). Then there’s Yoshimura, Kyoto’s king of omurice. And up and coming Korean versions. I don’t know if it’s even possible to make a proper French omelette on an induction hob. I don’t feel that Bon Appétit nailed it. I have learnt that frying pans have changed – few these days have the turned lip that make getting the right shape and turning out a wobbly omelette a lot easier. Also the sides are more upright and less of a curvy slide. Time to go pan shopping.

More on British vs American food critics. The curse of queues for food.

Most of the new series of The Chef Show is men talking to men about men cooking men food (and I like Roy Choi’s cooking). But watch the Border Grill episode – it’s not their original restaurant but the owners Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have been making proper Mexican food for Americans since the 80s. I’ve got some of their cookbooks.

The next series of Ugly Delicious is released on Friday and I’m hoping it balances up the diversity somewhat.

North America’s largest-known Mexican cookbook collection.

Ice cream with sweet chilli sauce is confirmed as good.

My brexit stash has been similarly renamed.

If KFC have been doing influencer marketing for the 80 piece popcorn chicken bucket, then it’s working.