I went on holiday and never came back again.

I did have lots of things faved, but I’ve thought about one of them every day since.

Sorry, not that.


*looks through list of links*

Hmm. Where’s it gone?

*googles for 45 minutes*

It might have been this?

Something similar to this, at least.

Not that I am aphantasic, but I know my mind has certain biases and things it can memorise easier than others.

Actually, maybe it was in a book. Something about old fashioned designers saying there’s one true ‘objective’ way to think about things, leading to one true ‘best’ design. Or maybe it was in one of the many bauhaus exhibitions this year? It’s obviously nonsense.

How can we better design for the different ways people minds really work? With so much difference in mental images and models?

(Good user research can scratch the surface, but I doubt the depth of research needed is ever done across a wide enough group of people to capture different ideas of the mind. And research analysis tends to be reductive.)